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Where is the dog bed suitable for in the home?

DATE:2019-11-01 11:49:20 FROM:

Dogs are pets that many people like to keep. They are cute and cute. They can also relieve their boredom. Most of them are obedient and clever. So more and more people keep dogs at home. The dog kennel is needed to keep the dog at home. Pay attention to geomantic omen when placing the kennel. The goal can be achieved if the kennel is placed correctly to increase fortune and fortune. Next let's get to know!
1. Choose the direction according to the five elements
The location of dog kennel at home should be selected according to its own five elements. If you like fire or earth, it is recommended to put the dog kennel in the South or the southwest. If you like water and gold, you can put it in the north, which can increase the wealth and fortune, make a smooth investment, attract many good customers to do business, and achieve what you want in your career.
2. Disasters spread to the West
If there are many bad things at home recently, everything is not going well, and the health is not very good, it is better to put the dog kennel in the west, which can prevent disasters and avoid more serious bad luck. The kennel should be cleaned up in time. If it is too dirty and disorderly, the surrounding magnetic field will not be good, which will also affect its own situation, resulting in many disasters and continuous diseases.
3. Yin Qi can be released to the north and East
If your Yin Qi is heavy, your family members are few, your people are not prosperous, and you need to have good fortune, you can put the dog kennel in the northeast, which can neutralize Yin and Yang, and avoid excessive Yin Qi leading to more diseases. It's better not to put the dog kennel next to the toilet to avoid the pollution of pollution, which will affect your fortune, easy to break and lose money, and easy to be cheated in business.
The dog kennel should be placed at home according to its own five elements of life and the need for prosperity. It should not be placed casually. If you have a dog at home, you should often take the dog to have a physical examination to avoid all kinds of infectious diseases and infect yourself and your family.