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How to choose a dog's collar

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How to choose a dog's collar
The collar can be worn directly on the neck of the dog. The collar only touches the neck of the dog, and the strength is completely on the neck. The collar is a binding tool that primarily limits dogs and protects them and others when they go out. So we should limit which tools to ensure the safety of dogs as the starting point. If a dog wants to run away as soon as he goes out of the house, and the binding tools on his body won't make people feel uncomfortable, he usually disobeys the owner's "dissuasion", and a strong big dog should use a collar, so that when they arrive at the place they shouldn't go, or want to get rid of the shackles, the collar is tightly attached to his neck, making him feel suffocated, it will slow down, and people can better control it It. Love for dogs is the same as love for children, which is appropriate and can not be spoiled.
Types, advantages and disadvantages of dog collar
A flat leather collar. It's like a belt people use. Advantages: the neck is very smooth, and the dog will be very comfortable. Disadvantages: due to the large area of contact with the neck, for dogs with long hair and not easy to knot, it may cause the hair knot in the neck.
A cylindrical leather collar, which is like rolling leather into a tube and then sewing, so the collar becomes a small cylinder. Advantages: overcome the disadvantages of flat collar, because the contact area of neck ring is small, it can be rolled up, so it is not easy to knot. Disadvantages: due to the small contact area, the owner will feel uncomfortable when pulling the dog hard.
Nylon collar, which is made of nylon, is usually cheaper than leather. Advantages: nylon collar is light, not heavy like leather, worn on the neck. Colorful, various styles, easy to clean. Disadvantages: it is easy to generate static electricity when wearing. In order to be stronger, it is usually thicker. In addition, these nylon are usually woven from thick nylon thread, which is easy to hair or hang.
The iron chain collar is basically used for large dogs. Some dogs also use this collar when they compete. The chain is very thin and can be hidden in the dog's hair. It doesn't look obvious, and it doesn't affect beauty. Advantages: it is very strong, not easy to cause hair knot on the dog's neck, and will not affect the original appearance of the dog's long haired dog. Disadvantages: the feeling is too strong, not cute. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to rust, not only not good-looking, but also pollute the dog's neck hair.